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Item # ETW 300, Skagit Model ETW 300 Single Drum Winch 815,000 lbs. at Bare Drum

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The Skagit Model ETW 300 single drum winch is powered by a radiator cooled 8 V Detroit Diesel engine with Vicon torque convener and SMATCO 644 gearbox. The winch is set up with an air operated jaw clutch and fail safe spring set air release band type brake. The ETW 300 is capable of cable sizes up to 3.00 inch diameter. (This unit has an optional air conditioned control van with weather proof video cameras to monitor load and tracking and optional levelwind)

The ETW 300 single drum winch is set up to break down in to three main components to allow for lighter trucking loads but the winch can be transported fully assembled.

Twin Disc Hydraulic Torque Converter with A Manitowoc Vicon Controller

A standard three-stage torque converter is a fluid coupling that matches input power to varying output torque and speed requirements. It consists of three (3) basic parts: An Impeller (pump), a Turbine (driven part), and the Stator (fixed part of the turbine housing).

The impeller is direct driven by the power source, whether it is a diesel engine, electric motor, or hydraulic motor. When the impeller is driven, the blade on the impeller displaces the oil inside the converter housing in a rotary direction. The oil then strikes the blades of the turbine causing the turbine to turn in the same direction as the impeller. Torque is thus transmitted from the input (power source) to the output (winch machinery).

Blading on the stator then changes the direction of oil flow and directs the oil through all stages of the turbine blades. The re-direction of the oil through the different stages of the turbine increases the output torque.

When the load is light the turbine drives the load faster with less torque. When the load is heavy the turbine drives the load slower with more torque.

A Manitowoc Vicon controlled torque converter is identical to a standard torque converter, except that a sliding sleeve is used over the impeller. The position of the sliding sleeve can be changed to regulate the amount of oil flow between the impeller and the turbine. Therefore, instead of changing the speed of the power source to change the output speed, the position of the sliding sleeve is change and the power source is run at a constant speed.

The Vicon controlled torque converter can be manipulated to produce variable line pulls in a winch application. For load lowering the Vicon would be dialed down until the load overcomes the output torque of the prime mover (diesel engine/torque converter). This allows the operator to infinitely vary the speed at which the load travels while maintaining the maximum speed and torque of the power source (diesel engine).


Line Pull

815,000 lbs. at Bare Drum

Cable Capacity

1 1/2" cable 19,200'
2 1/2" cable 7,000'

Engine Package Skid Assembly

8,500 lbs

Winch Drum Assembly in Transport Frame

64,000 lbs

Winch Frame Assembly

57,000 lbs

Optional Levelwind Assembly

16,000 lbs

Total Estimated Weight without Wire Rope

129,500 lbs

Min. Air Pressure

100 psi


50 GPM for heat exchanger (Sea Water)

Electrical Voltage (AC)

110 V

Cable Diameter

3 in

Used for Sub Sea Installations of

J Tube pulls
Jacket pulls

Jumper installations

Mooring line installations

Pipe line pulls

Steel lead Installations


Tubing head spools


·  Winch with Spring Set Brake & Changed to Underwind Cable

·  General Arrangement - ETW-300

·  SKAGIT EWT 300 Wide Version


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