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Deepwater Rental Winches and Deck Equipment

Deep Water Winches and Marine Deck Equipment

Our rental fleet includes a wide variety of makes and models of winches and deck equipment to meet your specific needs. Cross Rentals Inc. specializes in serving the ultra deepwater project demands of the industry.

Cross Rentals Inc. has utilized its experience and equipment knowledge on many Deepwater projects in the Gulf of Mexico as well as abroad. Such projects include.

  • Tubing Head Spools
  • J-Tube Pulls
  • Tree Installations
  • Jumper Installations
  • Deepwater Lowering
  • Riser Installation
  • Suction Pile Installations
  • Abandonment and Recovery
  • Pipeline Pulls
  • Pulling of Pipeline Sleds
  • Pipe Plet Installations
  • Mooring Line to Spar Installations
  • Special Applications

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